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  • Dr. Endrigo Pompermayer
  • Surgery, Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

Dr Endrigo Pompermayer Endrigo graduated in 2008 from Santa Maria University, southern Brazil, where he completed a master’s degree. During this period Endrigo worked in the College Veterinary Hospital and in a thoroughbred stud farm.

Endrigo joined Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club in 2011 as a clinician doing a variety of cases at the hospital, track work and looking after racing yards. His background on horse racing made a call to develop in sports medicine, thereafter he has been busy mainly with lameness and surgery, at same time Endrigo began to take care of the emergency surgeries routine.

  • Equine orthopedics and Performance.
  • Ultrasonographic evaluation.
  • Joint disease
  • Surgery
  • Anesthesia and pain management

April 2011 – Present

Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club Equine Hospital

Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club Equine Hospital Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club, Doha, Qatar


Graduate Student – MS Program in Veterinary Medicine

Departamento de Clínica Veterinária, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Santa Maria, RS


Veterinary Practioner

Fazenda Mondesir (Thoroughbred Stud Farm), Bagé, RS, Brazil

August 2008 - November 2008


Haras Fazenda Mondesir Stud Farm (Aceguá-RS) in the area of clinical medicine, reproduction, neonatology and horse management, Undergraduate Internship Course.

January 2002- March 2002


Brazilian Enterprise for Agricultural Research, National Research Center for Grape and Wine, Bento Gonçalves-RS, the field of plant pathology, Stage Curriculum Course Farming Technician.


Neck and Back, European ISELP Module

Clinica Veterinaria Cascina Gufa, Merlino, Italy.


Hip and Pelvis, European ISELP Module.

Lingehoeve Diergeneeskunde, Lienden, Netherlands.


Hock and Crus, European ISELP Module.

Clinica Veterinaria Cascina Gufa, Merlino, Italy.


The Stifle and Thigh, European ISELP Module

Lingehoeve Diergeneeskunde, Lienden, Netherlands.


Locomotor Workshop

JM Denoix. QREC Equine Hospital, Doha, Qatar.


Lameness detection in horses using an inertial sensor based system (Lameness Locator)

Clinicade Equinos UFSM, Santa Maria, RS, Brazil.


Masters in Veterinary Medicine

Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, UFSM, Santa Maria, RS, Brazil.


Horsemanship Course

Denise Bicca. UFSM, Santa Maria, RS, Brazil.


Trimming and shoeing Course

Kenny Knowlton. Universidade Luterana do Brasil, Canoas, RS, Brazil.


Ultrasound Gynecological and Andrology Exam Course

Embryolab, UFSM, Santa Maria, RS, Brazil.


Theoretical and Practical Course

Inhalational anesthetic technique in Horses. NAVE, Santa Maria, RS, Brazil.


Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (equivalent to the DVM)

Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, UFSM, Santa Maria, RS, Brazil.


Agricultural Technician

Escola Agrotécnica Federal "Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek", EAFPJK, Bento Gonçalves, RS, Brazil

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