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The first of its kind in the Middle East, Equine Veterinary Medical Center (EVMC) comprises an equine referral hospital, veterinary diagnostic laboratory, and clinical research laboratory. EVMC is a member organisation of Qatar Foundation and is located within Qatar Foundation’s world-class equine facilities at Al Shaqab.

EVMC is staffed by board-certified veterinarians and researchers, applying advanced veterinary techniques and procedures in the treatment of equine patients. A research program aims to advance veterinary science through collaborations…READ MORE

Hospital Services

EVMC’s equine medical services are one of the most advanced and specialized in the region.


A research department has been created at EVMC to advance equine health. Through scientific discovery, EVMC will lead equine veterinary medicine and disseminate new advances to the scientific and equine community in Qatar, Gulf region, and around the world.

EVMC Laboratory

A range of diagnostic test panels are available at EVMC’s veterinary diagnostic laboratory. The testing capacity of the laboratory is constantly increasing, and accreditation is in process for these tests. The laboratory is under strict institutional biosafety and biosecurity regulations and periodic quality control validation is in place.

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  • EVMC wishes you and your families a blessed Eid. 
Eid ul-adha Mubarak everyone.
 المركز الطبي البيطري للخيل يتمنى لكم ولعائلاتكم عيد اضحى مبارك كل عام وانتم بخير وعساكم من عواده.
  • #EVMC is a modern equine veterinary hospital based in #Qatar.In addition to practicing equine medicine at the highest level, the center helps advance veterinary medicine through its research contributions and internationally recognized expertise #educationcity #AlShaqab #equine  ________

#مركز_الطبي_البيطري_للخيل ‬⁩
هو مستشفى بيطري حديث خاص بالخيل يتواجد في ⁧‫#قطر‬⁩. بالاضافة الى كونه مستشفى بيطري متخصص يتوفر فيه أحدث المعدات الطبية، فان المركز يساهم أيضا في تطوير الطب البيطري من خلال العديد من الاسهامات البحثية وخبرة طاقمه الطبي المعترف بها دوليا ⁧‫#مؤسسة_قطر‬⁩ ⁧‫#الشقب‬⁩
  • Dr Sefania-Bucca teaching transabdominal ultrasonography of the high risk pregnancy in the mare at the wet-lab session of the Equine Reproduction & Neonatology Conference. #EVMC #veterinarian #equine #equinevet #qatar #equinereproduction
  • The Equine Reproduction and Neonatology Conference 2019 co-hosted by the Equine Veterinary Medical Center, member of Qatar Foundation, concluded successfully Sunday. It comprised of lectures, roundtable discussions and practical (wet-lab) sessions led by internationally-renowned veterinarians. Thank you to all who attended. #EVMC #Equine #QF @algalayel_equine_center 

اختتم مؤتمر تناسل الخيل والأمهر حديثي الولادة 2019 الذي عقده مركز الطبي البيطري للخيل (عضو في مؤسسة قطر)، بالتعاون مع مركز القلايل للخيل على مدى 3 أيام، أعماله بنجاح الاحد الماضي. تضمن المؤتمر مناقشة قضايا جوهرية من قبل أشهر الأطباء البيطريين المختصين والمتميزين دوليا. نشكر كل الذين حضروا وتابعوا هذا المؤتمر الهام. #مركز_الطبي_البيطري #مؤسسة_قطر #الفروسية #الخيل
  • ‏يعقد ⁧‫#مركز_الطبي_البيطري_للخيل‬⁩ -عضو في ⁧‫#مؤسسة_قطر‬⁩ - مؤتمر تناسل الخيل والأمهر حديثي الولادة على مدى ثلاثة أيام من 19 الى 21 ابريل الجاري، وذلك بحضور أمهر الدكاترة المختصين ⁧‫#الخيل‬⁩ ⁧‫#الشقب‬⁩ ⁧‫#قطر‬⁩
@QF’s  Equine Reproduction and Neonatology Conference 2019, hosted by #EVMC, will take place from 19-21 April in Doha. It will feature international speakers and experts. #alshaqab #Horses #qatar #Educationcity #qatarfoundation


Al Shaqab to host first Qatar Equine Foot Conference

Posted On July 27, 2019 10:33 am

Doha: Al Shaqab will host the first Qatar Equine Foot Conference from May 3 to 5 at Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) and Al Shaqab. The first in a series of planned continuing education seminars…READ MORE



EVMC is aligned to the mission of Qatar Foundation in supporting the nation on its journey to becoming a diversified and sustainable economy. By offering lifelong learning opportunities, fostering a culture of innovation, and empowering the local community, the center is also investing in Qatar’s future and contributing to a better world.