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EVMC Podiatry service has been designed to address the orthopedic foot needs of the lameness cases usually referred to the hospital.

In order to successfully manage the variety of lameness cases that are evaluated by the Podiatry service, a wide selection of adhesives, polyurethanes, silicones, boots, and specialized shoes are used, in addition to the handmade therapeutic shoes needed on a daily basis.

A state-of-the-art farrier shop is located within the hospital and is fitted out with traditional tools like the forge and anvil, and is also well stocked with all the modern materials needed to manage lameness cases that the clinical staff see on a daily basis. Our cases involve corrective podiatry for foals, post-surgical supportive shoeing, laminitis, fractured bones, and a variety of soft tissue injuries.

The EVMC podiatry department works hand-in-hand with Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation, Internal Medicine and Surgery clinicians, as well interns, nurses, vets assistants and grooms to optimize outcomes. The professionalism needed to provide the environment for healing is given for each horse, so the esteemed horses seen at EVMC can continue a healthy lifestyle.

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