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Qatar enjoys some of the most cherished and successful Arabian horse bloodlines worldwide. The reproductive services at EVMC aim at preserving and giving continuity to this incommensurable heritage, for future generations of Qatari horse breeders to enjoy

Clinicians with a vast clinical and research experience in horse breeding supported by interns, nurses, vet assistants, and grooms, offer services that include a full range of standard and assisted-reproduction technologies, to enhance the reproductive performance in mares and stallions.

Investigation of subfertility is often the first step undertaken to identify conditions supporting unsatisfactory reproductive performance, followed by surgical correction, medical treatment or hormonal supplementation, and appropriate breeding management strategies, for each case, individually.

Fetal sexing, monitoring of equine pregnancy, and identification/management of high-risk gestational conditions are additional services offered to assist breeders, particularly those who have suffered repeated fetal losses on their farms.

Breeding soundness examination of stallions and semen cryopreservation to assess semen freezability, are the main male fertility investigations currently offered at EVMC.

Owing to the widespread interest in advanced, assisted-reproductive technologies, provisions are presently being made, to implement an oocyte harvest/ICSI program at EVMC, that aims at prolonging the reproductive career of mares unable to carry a pregnancy to term.

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